BY Amy Jan 22, 2017

Wellbeing Wishlist

Green, green, green that is what we SHOULD be eating, as one would imagine the Christmas pounds are still shedding slowly although I think all of us wish they were peeling off at a slightly faster pace. On our well being wish list this week are a couple of things you should try which may help the process.


Set in the heart of West London, Farmacy will be sure to tantilize your tastebuds and ensure no regrets. The organic restaurant which also happens to be my favorite new people watching spot offers a full menu of organic options which will leave you feeling satisfied, and healthy. I promise you won’t feel empty like you’ve just had one lettuce leaf and order you to try the milk and cookies – unreal! Visit website


Ready to freeze your tits off but gain something from it? Listen up! Cryotherapy is an innovative treatment where a unique Whole Body Cryotherapy chamber exposes the body to temperatures specifically controlled to -80°C to -90°C. The act of freezing the skin to -90°C acts as a stimulus to the body’s natural defence mechanisms; it releases hormones to alarm the body and the mind. However, the freezing cold means the cold is pain free and actually rejuvenating. As the body fights to ‘heal’ itself, calories are burnt, the skin energized and mind renewed – don’t mind if we do! Visit website

The ‘Stella’ legging

Feel like a bit of gym encouragement? These Adidas By Stella McCartney leggings are the answer. Or if you are one of those people who just likesto look like they’ve been working out when really all they crave is a sofa and comfort, well then these leggings would work too! Visit site