BY Amy Feb 15, 2017

Caro Daur

Is anyone else loving this blonde bombshell who keeps on popping up on our screens. Who is she? All we know is she has SICK yellow glasses, a delightful dress sense and hangs out constantly with key members of the fashion pack The Fashion Guitar and The Queen of Jetlag. Since being snapped up by Dolce & Gabbana for their runway show Caro has been everywhere from Paris Haute Couture with Chanel to San Francisco. With Adidas. I don’t know about you but we are really stalking her this fashion month.

Rosie Fortescue

Top on the list of London’s finest fashionistas is our friend Rosie F who as one of the original Made in Chelsea gang is now making her stance in the fashion world with her debut jewellery line, Rosie Fortescue Jewellery. Rosie has worked with all the designers you need to know and recently made us super jealous when she was invited on a Cali road trip with Heidi Klein, wowzers Ro you going places.

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Mimi Elashiry

Mini but marvellous Mimi is only 21 but boy has she got a future ahead of her both as a model and photographer. All you need to do is follow Mimi on Instagram and you will want to hop on her wave and adventure. Based between Oz and LA we can’t wait to see where mystical Mimi’s future is at!

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Lainy Hedaya

Dark but feminine Lainy feels most comfortable in a leather jacket and gray jeans. She is the founder of Haute in Habit and repped by Next in NYC. Her gangs says it all and is Danielle We Wore What is one of them.

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Poppy Jamie

Bright bubbly Pops is the only person you need in your life if your day needs brightening up. The funny and witty TV presenter who rose to fame hosting her snapchat show ‘ Pillowtalk with Poppy’ recently launched accessories brand of the moment Pop and Suki with Bessie Suki Waterhouse. While you think that might be enough to be getting along with, Poppy is currently working on launching her mindfulness app Happy Not Perfect which is set to launch this spring. We personally can’t wait to have Poppy’s energy at our fingertips when we need it.

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Negin Mirsalehi

I mean I am sure we are not the only ones who have purchased Gisou just so we can see if we can get our hair ‘Negin’d ‘ but we are going to keep trying anyway – hair goals to say the least. From her seductive snogs with hubby on insta to bikini shots on board #RevolveAroundTheWorld we are pretty obsessed. I feel like we will be seeing a lot of this one during 2017.

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Suki Waterhouse

Brit favourite Suki deserves a round of applause who alongside bessie Poppy Jamie has been hard at work in a number of different fields. With a TV series and two films set to launch in 2017, Suki is also set to release the first of her music and is the face of Laura Mercier beauty. On top of this she is still at the top of every brands ‘ girls to dress’ list and launched her baby Pop and Suki in November – you go girl! If you have not seen the Pop and Suki bags on every major celebrity you are clearly living in a hole – even Lady Gaga has one!

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Korin Avraham

If we were singing Corinne Bailey Rae ‘ Girl Put Your Record On’ in the shower it might be because we have just watched Korins sexy outfits gracing the screens of our iPhone. She is quite often seen out and about with Caro Daur and we wonder how she has time. Korin is also a lawyer but one to watch on the fashion circuit.

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Yoyo Cao

Yoyo is putting south eastern Asian style on the map, she is the cool kid on the block as the designer and founder of Exhibit Store is just cool! Every outfit we want and every brand wants to dress her. If ever you’ve seen a street style photograph of Singapore designer and fashion entrepreneur, then you’ll have noticed a certain deft ability to layer the impossible. She’s it right now.

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Camille Charriere

Cool Cam sums up Camille in two words, her effortlessly calm but trendy style stands out from the crowd. She was one of London’s bloggers when no one even knew what a blogger was and no one even knew about her because her blog was a secret shhh, then it started to grow… Her wit and charm has captured brands such as Chloe and H & M – don’t stop Cam we want to see more.

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