BY Amy Sturgis May 27, 2017


This article starts with a picturesque vision of girls in the 70’s dancing through fields in white court shoes, pig tails and gingham pinafores –  this is where the trend which seems to be taking over our closets for SS17 AND lives begun clearly.

I am going to quickly teleport (jesus I wish teleporting actually existed) us back to 2017 where every high street shop window is laden with gingham gingham gingham of all styles and assortments and explain why the fashion genie thinks its hot or not.

A few years ago their was a spurt of gingham shirts being all that one wore, it seemed to be ‘cool’ to want to look like a man wearing an oversized shirt and with out said trucker gingham shirt one was thought out to be a bit of loser!

Remember me?


Then felinity took over and we decided this wasn’t the best look, although I seem to remember watching Mary-Kate Olsen prancing around wearing one too and I was indecisive as to whether I wanted to keep it or ditch this very masculine piece of clothing…

Think this one may of put me off?

So anyway we ditched this trend and let the gingham lie a bit low for a few years while it brushed off its fairly masculine reputation. Fast forward to 2016 when a couple of the industries brave young designers took it upon themselves to bring this trend back to life in a feline way – finally getting rid of this prints bad reputation. We as a team are now converted and feel that if you don’t have a piece of gingham in your wardrobe this summer then you are really unfashionable and not on trend.

Shrimps SS-17

Rosie Assoulin – Resort 17


The Genies top high street picks for now. ZARA

Red Pinafore

Crop Top and Midi Skirt – could be mistaken for a meringue

Gingham high heel platforms – literally need and can’t wait to get


on our feet! ASOS

Lost Ink – Ruffle Shirt – not city/not farmer – we love <3

Romper ASOS own brand – kinda cute, only for skinny people

House of Holland – Obsessed – need whole outfit



Pink pinny – need a tan for this but love

Embroidered trousers – LOVE!

Off the shoulder shirt – a bit basic but perfect for the less adventurous

Fashion Genie xoxo